Our Services

Tree Moving

  • Timberland Tree Moving LLC is the professional for anyone living in the Farmington/Lakeville or Twin Cities metro area. We can handle any tree moving necessary for you. Whether you’re moving a new tree to your home or moving an existing tree, we're prepared to transplant it wherever it needs to be. 
  • If you’d like an old tree replanted in a different location, we'll combine our tree transplanting and tree moving services to quickly replant it. Our tree moving service also is useful when purchasing a tree for sale through us, or one of the local nurseries.

Tree Transplanting

  • At Timberland Tree Moving LLC, tree transplanting is a simple process. We are qualified to replant any tree for you before its location becomes an even bigger problem.  Timberland Tree Moving LLC offers an affordable rate for tree transplanting, so you can get the best deal for the job.
  • When a tree needs to be moved to a new spot in your in your yard in Farmington/Lakeville or other surrounding areas, you deserve a professional company to do the work for you. Timberland Tree Moving LLC can be that professional company.

Tree Sales

  • Timberland Tree Moving LLC can provide anyone looking to purchase a new tree with access to all local tree sales. We work closely with many local tree nurseries in the area, so we can give you the information you need to make a great purchase. You can also compare prices and distances, so you don’t have to go out of your way in any sense to get the tree you want. On top of this, Timberland Tree Moving LLC provides tree moving and tree transplanting service, so you can get your purchase planted with ease.